What Are the Various Kinds Of Golf Bags Available?

What Are the Various Kinds Of Golf Bags Available?

To our great fortune, the technology used in golf today is improving at a notably rapid pace, and hence golf bags are not an exception to this trend. Back in the day, golfers didn't have a lot of different options for golf bags to choose from. Rather, they had to lug around a very hefty bag packed with about 14 golf clubs.

The times, however, are considerably different now; bags are now constructed with lightness and water protection in mind to make them as light and strong as possible while maintaining their integrity.

When you start looking for essentials for golf, including a golf bag, you will find several different varieties available in various forms and styles from a wide range of manufacturers. This is something that you will notice when you are shopping. There is also a kind available in the form of a compact mini golf bag, that can hold golf balls or other golf items compactly.

Types of golf bags

Tour bags

Tour bags, sometimes known as staff bags, are the largest form of golf bag available and are often regarded as among the best and most abundant of their kind. With so much room for clothing, rain gear, gloves, and golf balls, it's no wonder that these bags are a favorite among Tour pros on the course.

However, at roughly 10 pounds each, they're a bit cumbersome for the ordinary golfer. Professional golfers can handle this because their caddies carry all of their equipment, but amateurs playing without a caddie could find it difficult.

Stand bags

Stand bags are different from other golf bags in that market because they weigh less (usually five lbs or less) and have retractable legs so that the bag may stand upright and stay clean. This ingenious design keeps your clubs upright on uneven ground and makes it simple to grab the one you need mid-round. On the other hand, trolleys or tour bags can only be used on level ground, such as a golf buggy, trolley, or the caddie's back.

Golfers who like to walk between holes use stand bags designed to hold their clubs and bags while doing so. We all know how hefty a golf bag can be when laden with 14 golf clubs. Hence, most stand bags are equipped with backpack-style adjustable straps to disperse the load across both shoulders evenly.

Cart bags

Cart bags, sometimes called trolley bags, are made to be stowed away safely and securely on golf buggies or trolleys, whether a manual or electric model. You can easily identify a cart bag. It is due to the non-slip foundation or the rubber on the bottom of the bag. This material of the base prevents the bag from slipping off the cart as it is being moved. Therefore, if you like to walk about the course while carrying a golf bag, such an option is only sometimes the greatest for you; stand bags might be a better choice for you instead.